Recent News

RPI designed and manufactured ROB deployable subsea Mooring Chain Markers. With 2 sizes covering mooring chain from 70mm to 146mm. Successfully installed on two FPSO's ; Jotun and Visund. mooring chain markers
Stage 1 Ikdam FPSO riser guides manufactured from low friction polyurethane and installed with RPI Personnel in Assistance. Ikdam Ikdam
After a small tear was discovered in a subsea expansion bellows, RPI were asked to manufacture right tolerance, low hardness, polurethane seals that were fitted successfully leading to a further 4 location being upgraded. subsea expansion subsea explainsion
After the successful completion of the buzzard hot tap, RPI were commissioned to manufacture periphery seals and clamp lining for the sage hot tap, and sage hot tap. Both projects completed on time, on budget and to the customers satisfaction. periphery seals clamp linings