Polyurethane Elastomers

Polyurethane Elastomers

Offering excellent mechanical properties, polyurethane's are applied to produce a wide range of products. Due to manufacturing techniques and formulation modifications, it can produce an impressive Shore Hardness range from as low as 10 shore A for applications in seals, and Hi Tech Electronics up to 80 shore D as a substitute for engineering plastics, where conventional supply and sizes available can't blend to the application required.

Different grades produce excellent results in hydrolysis, chemical, wear and impact resistance, Or all depending on Clients Requirements.

*Pipe Handling Rollers.   *Protection Caps/Protectors   *Claw Packers   *Seals   *Guides   *Piggy Back Clamps   *Large Diameter Drifts   *Fender/Bumper Strips

These Applications are typical but the list is endless. From 1 off prototypes, to full productions runs; Clients requirements can be fulfilled with little or no tooling costs involved.

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