Rubber Sheeting And Matting

Rubber Sheeting And Matting

RPI hold in stock at our Aberdeen Base, over 25 tonnes of various grades of rubber sheeting. From low cost commercial grades, up to high spec British Standard Grades. We can supply thicknesses from 1mm to 25mm and beyond from stock.

Shore Hardness range from 30 Shore A to 85 Shore A.

We also carry a varied range of industrial matting's from 3mm to 40mm thicknesses, in roll form and slab/sheet.

Typical Materials
*Commercial NBR   Neoprene   *Nitrile   *Viton   *Silicone   *Cork   *Polychloroprene   *Shotblast   *Tan Para Natural   *Armidillo   *V-Grooved Matting   *Broad Ribbed Matting   *Stud Mats   *Diamond Matting   *Open Link Mats   *All Electrical Grades 11KV to 50KV

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